Foreign Customers

1. Russia 720 rolls in cooperation with Sino Thai company
2. Cooperation with China Thailand Colombia (F300 × 12) roll replacement is not required for the whole line)
3. Cooperate with Taiyuan Huaxin city in Bulgaria (f30-f70, f100-f200 do not need to change rolls)
4. Cooperating with Taiyuan Huaye, Russia 325 273 rolls
5. Turkey (F250 × 12) roll replacement is not required for the whole line)
6. Turkey (h273 is directly squared, the whole line does not need to change the roll, and the round pipe part needs to change the roll)
7. Iraq (254 × 10 high strength steel roll)

8. Chile (F150 × 6 rolls)
9. Kazakhstan (hg165 × 6 rolls)
10. Albania (hg165 × 4 rolls)
11. Cyprus (hg89 × 3.5 rolls)
12. Bangladesh (hg114 × 2.5 rolls)
13. Venezuela (hg76 × 4 rolls)
14. Ecuador (hg305 × 5 rolls)
15. Syria (hg89 × 3 rolls)
16. Uzbekistan (hg76 × 3 rolls)
17. Iran (hg76 × 3 rolls)

Domestic Customers

1. Shijiazhuang Zhongtai Pipe Technology Development Co., Ltd.
2. Shanxi Dingrong cold bending steel Co., Ltd.
3. Jigang Group Co., Ltd.
4. Shijiazhuang Zhonghui welding pipe equipment Co., Ltd.
5. Shijiazhuang Lantian welded pipe equipment Co., Ltd.
6. Shijiazhuang Zhongtian Shunda welded pipe equipment Co., Ltd.
7. Pingshan Jingye iron and steel 165 rolls, 76 rolls, 250 m3, no grinding tools
8. Hengshui Jinghua Pipe Co., Ltd.
9. Tangshan Jianlong Pipe Co., Ltd.
10. Zhuozhou Rong'an Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
11. Jinan Ruifu cold bending design and Development Co., Ltd.
12. Shandong Guanxian North Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
13. Qingdao Xiangxing Co., Ltd.
14. Qingdao Sansi Co., Ltd.
15. Shandong new era Co., Ltd.

16. Shandong Shengli Oilfield steel pipe (Rizhao) Co., Ltd.
17. Taiyuan huaxincheng Co., Ltd.
18. Taiyuan Hengheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
19. Zhumadian Renhe cold bending (1000MPa yield strength)
20. Henan Anyang Huade steel (1000MPa yield strength)
21. Wuhan Iron and steel Hankou Jiangbei company
22. Wuhan Jianhai precision profile Co., Ltd.
23. (Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group) Jiayuguan Huifeng Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
24. Jiangsu Wuxi HENGFA cold bending steel factory
25. Nanjing Tianrun Co., Ltd.
26. Kunming Kunming Kunming Iron and steel cold bending section Co., Ltd.
27. Guangdong Zhongben special shaped steel pipe Co., Ltd.
28. Foshan Xiehai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
29. Sino foreign joint venture taifengqiao metal products Co., Ltd.
30. Guangdong Zhongben Special Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
31. Foshan Nanhai Shun steel pipe industry Co., Ltd.