Technical Conditions of Roller

1. Technical Parameters of Roll

When the material is GCr15, 9Cr2Mo, Cr12 and Cr12MoV,heat treatment quenching hardness: HRC60 ˚~ 63 ˚;
When the material is H13, 3Cr2W8V,heat treatment quenching hardness: HRC50 ˚~ 55˚;
High chromium alloy molybdenum vanadium heat treatment quenching hardness: HRC55 ˚~ 60 ˚, the service life is three times that of H13 and 3Cr2W8V.

2. Surface Roughness of Roll

Hole profile and inner hole surface: 0.8
End face and other surfaces: 1.6.
It is not allowed to have cracks, bumps, rust, etc. on the roll. The round corner of the aperture shall be smooth and free of edges and corners.

3.Accuracy Requirements

Allowable tolerance of aperture radius R
Five rolls in front Roll after the sixth frame Internal hole accuracy Keyway width tolerance Outer diameter and width
-3inch<(±0.05-0.15mm<) -2<(±0.05mm<) IT7 9 14
4inch and above<(±0.05-0.25mm<) 3inch and above<(±0.08mm<)