How can the rolls of the welded pipe unit be used for a longer time?

During the use of the welded pipe roll equipment, due to the wear and deformation of various parts, there may be some kind of misalignment between each other, such as some bolt connections may be loose, which will accelerate the damage of the roll of welded pipe equipment, resulting in an increase in the failure rate. The task of technical maintenance work is to prevent these phenomena and eliminate them in time after they occur.

In the maintenance work of the welded pipe roll, due to the failure to strictly comply with the technical requirements of the operation, such as improper operation, the adjustment work does not meet the technical requirements, or the cleaning is not in place, etc., are the common causes of accelerated damage to the welded pipe roll mold. In addition, The level of operating technology of the workers also directly affects the service life of the welded pipe roll die.


Therefore, establishing a reasonable maintenance system and strictly implementing the technical maintenance and operation and use regulations is an important way to ensure the normal operation of the welded pipe equipment and improve the service life of the rolls. In addition to maintenance work, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the operation method is correct.

Post time: Jul-26-2022