Technical Requirements of Large and Thin Pipe for Welded Pipe Equipment and Welded Pipe Die

The technical requirements of large pipes for welding pipe equipment and welding pipe dies can be solved, and the pipe technology of thin-walled pipes can also be realized, but the technical requirements of large and thin pipes for welding pipe equipment and welding pipe dies are much higher, which can not be solved simply by any welding pipe technician, and there must be certain technical requirements.

The technical requirements of large and thin pipes for welded pipe equipment and welded pipe molds focus on molding. If good molding is achieved, it is the key point to consider. If the pipe diameter is large, it is OK to make the welded pipe equipment larger. How to achieve good molding needs to be guided by the welded pipe molds. Because the molding of the grooves of the molds is different, the pipe molding effect is different, One of the difficulties is that there is no wave shape during the forming and welding of thin-walled tubes, which is beyond the control of many teachers.

Large and thin pipes require that neither the welding pipe equipment nor the welding pipe mold can be made too heavy. Because it is inconvenient to operate too heavy things, they should not be made too large.


It should be convenient to operate. At the same time, attention should be paid to the occurrence of strain. In this way, the deformation process should be slow, that is, more units of equipment are required, the forming method will be slow, and then the deformation will be slow, and the forming will be simple, Attention shall also be paid to the elastic deformation during deformation, which are the technical requirements to be paid attention to.

Post time: Nov-03-2022