What is the role of each roller in the front row in the high-frequency welded pipe unit?

Hole design is the basis of cold roll forming process and also the basis of roll shape design. The pass design of the cold roll forming roll is the forming method and tool design for the continuous cold roll forming of the plate and strip into qualified profiles.

The factors affecting the L-shaped design are the structure and capacity of the forming unit, the properties of the raw material, the user's requirements for dimensional tolerances and other quality indicators. The fewer cold roll forming passes, the fewer roll pairs are required. In the case of fewer molding passes, the bending angle needs to be increased, but the bending angle is not allowed to exceed the allowable value. The allowable value of the bending angle depends on the following factors: the metal deformability of the raw material, the forming roll structure and the hole type, the conditions under which the strip enters the hole etc. Shanxi straight seam welded pipe unit, professional straight seam welded pipe unit, straight seam welded pipe unit equipment


The steps of cold-formed roll pass design are:

(1)Determine the width of raw materials;
(2)Determine the position of the profile to the center line of the horizontal roller;
(3)Select the basic centerline of profile forming (referred to as the base axis) and the reference line segment;
(4)Determine the number and shape of the transition section of the profile [commonly known as Section Flower];
(5)Draw the cross-section matching roll diagram and the single roll and roll sheet diagram;
(6)Design and drawing of guides and auxiliary tools;
(7)Necessary check.

The design of cold-rolled forming roll pass is based on the product standards of cold-rolled profiles, the performance of forming materials, technical requirements, production unit configuration and main parameters. A good set of hole design should achieve:
①The cross-sectional shape and dimensional accuracy of products that meet the technical requirements can be obtained;
② There is no horizontal and vertical warpage and longitudinal torsion on the product length;
③ Thinning at the bend and the minimum residual stress on the section, the product has no edge waves, wrinkles and cracks;

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