ERW (Electro-Resistance Welded) Pipe Line

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As a result of rapid economic development in China, there is a high demand for good quality, large diameter ERW tubes for the oil & gas transportation, water & sewerage transportation and civil construction industries. To satisfy the requirements of our clients, we have our own patented HAOKUN ERW Tube production line. TO-date, we have supplied large diameter ERW16’, ERW 20”, ERW 24” to our various clients. We with to highlight a case where we have supplied a ERW 25” Tube Mill to Guangzhou Juyi Pipe Factory. In this Mill, we have also designed a Horizontal Loop Accumulator, a high speed Coil Edge Milling and a Flying Curter to enhance its capability. Another ERW 25” Tube Mill is also currently supplied by us to Mozambique WBHO Company. In addition to these references, we have gathered research data for ERW 630 X 19.1 mm steel grade X80 in our design library. We can confidently say that we have acquired state -of-the art know-how for large diameter ERW Tube Mill.

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Following fast growth of Chinese economy, high-grade, large diameter and high frequency straight seam welded pipes are widely used in areas such as petroleum transportation, urban pipeline networks and constructions, pushing up demand for them, which creates new development opportunities for pipe line manufacturing firms and equipment manufacturers.

During the recent years, by learning and absorbing advanced ERW machine technologies from abroad, we designed and developed large diameter ERW production lines with our own intellectual property rights. Especially some single units, such as squeeze roller, have been patented in China. So far, we have finished designing large caliber ERW production lines with specifications: 16" ERW, 20" ERW, 24" ERW. Among those the 20" ERW, 24" ERW production mills were already put into operation; For Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd, another complete set of 25" ERW production line with horizontal loop. High Speed Edge Milling Machine with sawmill. Cutting Machine and Finishing Area, was already in operation; a complete set of 25'ERW line to be exported to WBHO in South Africa is already under testing.

In addition, our company has mastered all techniques for ERW630x19.1mm with iron grade X80, and has developed JCOE1420x32mm with iron grade X80 welded pipe production line.

Strip steel preparation segment

Uncoiling Two driving expanding shafts with the functions of tension control and horizontal adjustment of strip steel
Strip steel flattening machine With 5 working rolls opened/closed quickly by hydraulic cylinder.
Welding process of plate at head and tail ends MAG welding, CO2 gas shield.
Horizontal welding machine design Combined cutting and welding together.
Positioning of strip steel before welding Automatically measure and align the position of strip steel.
Spiral accumulator Outside in inside out
Strip feeding speed Maximum 75m/min.
Height of rolling line About 1000mm above the horizon

Main line

Production mode continuous production
Speed of production line 12m/min~25m/min.
Drive type of main frame Each roll is separately driven by CNC AC variable frequency speed control or DC speed control
Forming idea Fix the rolling line, down forming method
Height of center line About 1000mm above the horizon (sizing section)
Type of forming cage forming
Setting of rolling mill PLC-controlled quick setting system and manual forced setting
Adjustment of mill rolls PLC-controlled automatic adjustment and manual adjustment.
Inner burr scraping Inner burr is scrapped by using ring knife that is installed special tool rest.
Outer burr scraping Two scrapers of outer burr and one crimpers of outer burr.
Sizing of pipe Four sizing stands are used for producing circular pipe.
Steel pipe straightening Straighten steel pipe by turkey heads and sizing mill.
Mode of flying saw CNC Double mill cutting head flying cut-of machine.

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