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1.The use, working principle, features and application scope of the machine
HKKJ - 25.4/3048 steel pipe end expander is special equipment for spiral submerged arc welded pipe production line. And it is used for expanding the end of pipe so that the diameter and roundness of a certain length pipe end in the permitted range. After expending the pipe is more convenient for the job site. At the same time this way reduces the cost and the labor intensity of the construction personnel. The most important thing is improve the working efficiency.

Machine features: Compact structure, new model, the strength and stiffness is large enough. At the same time the anti-collision device is designed in the end of the module.

Machine using range: Can finishing the enlargement of pipe and ring which is in accordance with API standard. To reach the requirement of the specified precision, the geometry size is controlled by circumference measurement.


The performance and the main technical parameters of the machine

The performance of the machine

Fully considering the characteristics of online equipments of oil steel pipe production line, the design of the machine is simple and convenient for operation. The necessary adjustment only happens when change the pipe size. The rest of operation is controlled automatically.

Main technical parameters of the machine

Type of pipe: SSAW
Expending way: Mechanical expanding
The pipe specifications of expanding
OD : Φ1016mm~ Φ3048mm
W.T. : 4mm~25.4mm
Material : up to X80

Size of expanding section
Length of straight section: 150mm
Length of transitional section: 100mm

Expansion ratio
Maximum : 1.5%
Minimum : In the tolerance of OD
The best rang : 1%-1.12%

The scope of supply

NO. Name Quantity Weight Remark
1 Expanding d evice 1 With one kind ofspecification mould1
2 Lifting roller 4
3 S upport frame 1
4 hydraulic system 1
5 electronic controlsystem 1
I n total 45T


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