Cold Rolled Broad Steel Production Line(U,C,Z,Profile)

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Broad section steel production line is a machine with set of rollers can produce a variety of specifications of the finished C type purlin single roll molding machine. The machine is mainly composed of passive charging frame, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after forming, hydraulic station, computer control system and so on. It can produce all kinds of cold-formed steel products with a circumference of 2200mm, such as a square tube, open section steel, irregular section steel, etc. The thickness of finished products is 22mm max, and the material is Q345 (or customized).

We can design and manufacture pipe making machine according customers’ requirements.

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It is specialized for cold rolled section steel with wide spread uses for metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries. It takes steel strip as raw material, produces cold rolled section steel by cold rolled section forming technology according to relevant request. This kind of technology is advanced and reliable, PROFIBUS technology is also adopted to the control system. All of these ensured highly synchronization accuracy and best product quality. All the indicators and operational costs are controlled at the lowest level, which is greatly rewarded by the producers.

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The Cold Rolled Steel Machine is a high-strength cold forming production line, which is designed for high-strength special plates and can meet the cold forming load. The whole line is composed of hydraulic uncoiler - leading head - shovel head - pressing head - leveler - shearing - head, and tail butt welding - cold roll forming - hydraulic cutting - auto stacking, and so on.

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Function and Structure

The molding of profiles of various specifications, using independent casting frame (tempering treatment), base using welding structure, after stress removal treatment. The molding machine adopts an independent archway structure, universal joint shaft drive. Inlet guide device; High-quality carbon steel roller; It is easy to adjust and operate. Roller process design using imported software, computer design.

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Broad section steel or profile pipes are widely used in construction work, furniture making, and transportation. Cold rolled broad section production line is specialized for mass-producing such steel. It takes strip steel as raw material and utilizes the cold roll technique to form desired products. All of these ensure high synchronized accuracy and the best product quality. All the indicators and operational costs are controlled at the most economical level.

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